What is Dialysis?
How to Stop Dialysis Naturally

Dialysis is a kidney failure treatment that filters blood to help your body get rid of excess toxins, waste products, and fluids. Your body may struggle to keep your system chemically balanced and clean your blood when your kidneys fail. Along with medication and the right care, dialysis can replace some kidney function and lengthen your life.

Why do people need dialysis?

End-stage chronic renal failure (ESRD), sometimes referred to as kidney failure or stage 5 CKD, is the point at which your kidneys are no longer able to filter and clean the blood as normally would healthy kidneys. Without treatment, the body will build dangerous waste and toxins. At this stage, you require dialysis therapy to extend your life until you can have a kidney transplant.

Without treatment, the body will build dangerous waste and toxins. At this stage, you require dialysis therapy to extend your life until you can have a kidney transplant.

Two Type of Dialysis
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Peritoneal dialysis

The body's natural filter, the blood vessels in the lining of your belly, are used in peritoneal dialysis together with a fluid called dialysate to remove toxins. Blood never leaves your body when using this technique, which uses a peritoneal catheter as your abdominal access. At home, at work, or even while travelling, peritoneal dialysis can be carried out manually or with a machine..


Hemodialysis filters your blood using a dialysis machine or through a dialyzer. Once you are connected to the machine via your hemodialysis access, blood flows into the machine, gets filtered and is returned to your body. Hemodialysis is performed either at home or in a dialysis center.

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Side Effect of Dialysis

  • Fatigue: Fatigue, where you feel tired and exhausted all the time, is a common side effect in people who use either form of dialysis on a long-term basis..
  • Low blood pressure: One of the most prevalent side effects of hemodialysate is low blood pressure, or hypotension. The decrease in fluid levels experienced during dialysis may be the cause. Nausea and dizziness can be brought on by low blood pressure..
  • Sepsis: The risk of sepsis increases for those who receive hemodialysis (blood poisoning). Here, bacteria infiltrate the body and spread through the blood, potentially resulting in the failure of many organs.
  • Muscle cramps: Muscle cramps can occur during hemodialysate, most frequently in the lower thigh. It is believed that the muscles are reacting to the fluid loss experienced during hemodialysate removal.
  • Itchy skin: Many people receiving haemodialysis experience itchy skin, caused by a build-up of minerals in the body between dialysis sessions.

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What Our Clients Says
Dilshad Ahmed

I am 52 years old and I had a problem with my kidney, I am treated in Saudi then got treatment in prayagraj but no relief anywhere found, Then a guy gave me the address of B.K. Arogyam, when we came here, the creatine was 11, and now in 7 days of treatment, our creatine has come to 8 points and my dialysis is not even done, I am very comfortable with the treatment here.

Nitin Patel

I am 23 years old, I have a kidney problem, and when I came to know about it, my body was swollen was starting to happen Then we got the report done, it came to know that the kidney is bad Then went to PGI. Treatment went on from there then homeopathic treatment got it done But gradually creatine increased, then urea also increased. Then we came to BK Arogyam and after 10 days of treatment, my creatinine was 10.13 to 8.13 has come and in 10 days treatment has reduced by 2 points and Urea also reduced and now I am very relaxed.

Poonam Upadhyay
Sindhora Varanasi

I am 55 years old, when I was admitted here my Cretinin was 12.51 then after 15 days of treatment my creatinine turns 5 Then when I went from here to my home, I avoided taking medicine. As the doctor had told me, used to eat medicine. When I came here to see the doctor, my creatine came to 1.50, then the medicine lasted for a month, then now it is 0.78 and now I am living a completely normal life. I had absolutely no hope of whether I would be able to survive or not but here I am now normal after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Question
Can dialysis be stopped by Ayurveda?

Treatment for renal disease using Ayurveda has proven to be incredibly effective. It eliminates renal issues sensitively and aids in repairing the kidney cells' damaged state. The kidneys' functionality is improved by ayurvedic therapy, which uses herbal formulations.

How do you get rid of dialysis naturally?
  • Eat healthily and lose extra weight.
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoid smoking
  • Limit your salt consumption.
  • Reducing high blood pressure.
  • Controlling diabetes
  • Consult your medical team
Can kidney damage be repaired with Ayurveda?
Ayurvedic treatment has been proved exceptionally powerful in treating kidney disease. It works sympathetically to eliminate kidney problems and helps in restoring the health of damaged kidney cells. Ayurvedic medicine uses herbal preparations and enhances the functioning of kidneys.
How can I heal my kidneys in Ayurveda?
Radish leaves juice is beneficial for the kidneys. Have a cup of this fresh juice twice every day. It acts as a blood cleanser and flushes out toxins and other unwanted byproducts of digestion. Watermelon is low in potassium and has a high water content so it is good for someone with renal failure.
Can Ayurveda reduce creatinine?
To provide scientific support for data demonstrating that specific Ayurvedic treatments significantly improve renal function as seen by a decrease in blood urea and serum creatinine levels, which are the two critical attributes of CRF.

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